Tuesday, November 30, 2010

River Dream

Okay I had this really intriguiging dream last night.

I was with my husband and family and we had just settled the new land. At first I thought I was in Shreveport, my home town because the river was the Red River. I'm not sure now if I were there or not.

Anyway, we settled and started our home, planted our crops and all and one day he and I went fishing. I fell in the river and clung to a log--there were tons of logs in the river, and that's one of the main reason I thought it was the Red. When Shreveport was first settled Captain Shreve had to clear out all the logs in the Red. Anyways.

I was able to get on the log and--here's the odd part--I had my purse and bottle of perfume with me so I sprayed it on to comfort myself. I knew my husband was right behind me and he was going to rescue me.

Well the current took me and the log on an adventure. Downstream I noticed these beautiful lit buildings that were of another time. They were lit up, but I knew they were empty. Then the river forked. The current took us onto the right side of the fork.

Then I found myself in a makeshift little boat. I saw this huge ship with a bunch of lifeboats pass me by and I noticed the life boats were swinging.

Okay the river takes me to a group of Native Americans--I think they were Americans I am not sure. Well they were in their home and all asleep. So I parked my boat and went into their bathroom to clean up.

I heard them--they started yelling and screaming in some unknown language and took off. They made sure to loosen my boat and toss the paddle into the river before they left.

So I jumped back in the river, managed to get my boat and paddle and not eaten by alligators. I made my way back home. By then, I looked different and had changed. I returned to my family and found that my husband didn't know who I was. He believed that his wife was dead and refused to accept me as alive. I whipped out my perfume bottle and sprayed it to PROVE to him who I was.

He was like, "NO I don't believe you. I looked for you and you were GONE. I went all the way to the fork and took the left fork and didn't find you" I told him the river took me on the right fork and to a camp of Natives where I cleaned up.

Then everyone was freaking out because the very same natives were coming. They had laid a trap! They watched me leave and followed me back to where I had come from.

We offered them food and everything we had.

Then I woke up.

Just so ya know, I don't have a husband or a family. Just me and my mother.


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