Tuesday, November 23, 2010

65th post is about Seraphinite wrapped in copper!

Woohoo I'm at my 65th post!!!

Anyway last night I wrapped this Seraphinite--and astounded myself. I was able to put not one, not two but three swirlies (that's what I call em) on the top. And it's STUNNING! I'm in love with this piece and hate to sell it BUT a girl's gotta make something for herself, and two charities as well.

All of my pieces are under $30 and this particular piece is $25 and THERE'S FREE SHIPPING on everything for the holidays. My gift to you is that you don't have to worry about shipping costs. Let me worry about it.


randomcreative said...

Your work is gorgeous! I'm in awe of anyone who does intricate wire wrapping.

Thank you for your blog comment. :) The title earrings from my blog are here if you're ever interested:
Absolutely no pressure!

Have a great day and wonderful Thanksgiving. :)

LadieJaye and Elegance Boutique said...

Thank you Random!!! Wires are fun!

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