Saturday, September 18, 2010

Starseeds~I think I may be one

I was raised as a Christian but lately, I have been feeling that there was something not quite right with the whole You are going to go to Hell thing. Why would God, who loves us, cast us away?

For the past few years I have been followed by the number 111 and also 1111. After doing months of online research and reading various new age books, I learned that the numbers are "wake up calls" to those who are Lightworkers, Starseeds, Indigo/Crystal Children.

Just in 2009 I have discovered the energies of crystals and gems. They are alive, yes! Even the Bible says that the rocks will call out to God.

All my life, I have felt out of place. I have always wanted to contact my family--due to the fact that other than my mother, I never knew them. I have always felt out of place and have had several total strangers walk up to me and tell me that the see the light in me--that I am unique. I have had people give me money because they felt led to one time--and it happened to be on my birthday LOL! I got my ears pierced with that money.

So why a Starseed?

Well, one of my stones is a Moldavite and that stone actually is a mix of an emerald stone falling from space combined with the earth as it crashed with the force of a few megaton bombs.

Moldavite is a stone for people who are Starseeds and feel lonely--or homesick. I have always felt the intense loneliness and yes, holding the stone soothes it.

I have never had any "alien" encounters but my third eye is opening. Yes, I see things now--glimpses of light beings and I know that I am not alone.

I feel very nervous about admitting this because I know that I will be judged and condemned to hell by some of my friends--not in a literal since but they will feel as if I have made the wrong choice and will be hurt by that.

There is no heaven and hell. There is only the LIGHT.

However, out of love, I will respect all of my friends who take part in any religion and ask that you respect my decision as well.

I am a Starseed--a light being. I am also new to this and am discovering who I really am. I have connections to Atlantis--I have always had dreams about other places and know in my soul that I am connected--I cannot explain how I know--I just know.

I am who I am and I hope that you, my friends, accept me. If not, then I will love you always.


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