Saturday, September 11, 2010

Abstract Soul

You look at me and see my light complexion on the outside
But only through my eyes you glimpse of an ever-changing color
Dawn kisses the sky with the music of turquoise and aquamarine
Streaking the canvas with peach and lavender
Clouds slowly re-birthing a new song

Colors all around I feel them
A living, breathing pure throbbing color
Explode in my soul take a paint brush
And go--let it flow
Color the paper with my soul

If I had to pick just one I would pass
Why just one?
I am ever-changing
Today I am mahogany streaked with teal
And golden embers of beginning life

Look into my eyes see the abstract shapes dancing
Look at my soul
Tomorrow's another piece of white canvas
Waiting to be painted upon

Color is my song art is the music to my being
Oxygen for the inner lung
What color am I?
Any. None. All.
Forever changing multicolored soul

Today I am different from yesterday
Another characteristic of the abstract soul


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