Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas in the Hospital

So much has happened in the past couple of weeks I can not keep up.

Mom is back at Grady hospital again with a urinary infection so bad it makes her urine look like chocolate syrup.

She knows who I am this time, but has been delerious on and off for the past few days, has slurry speech, and even the doctors so worried about it being contagious that even I have to wear a protective gown--I found this out after being with her for 8 or so hours without the gown but since I am young and have a stronger immune system I should be fine was the diagnosis for me.

So, I've got the cranberry juice in a glass along with some airborne tablets with the 1000mgs of Vitamin C to give myself an extra boost and hope for the best.

Meanwhile, I bought myself a Christmas present. My phone, the Samsung Caliber is so messed up. I couldn't access the internet, receive video or picture messaging yet I was paying for it. Metro PCS has a new Android phone and it's only $99. I used my tips for the whole week to get it and I love it though it does freeze up from time to time. Sometimes I can't even make a call. We'll see how it goes because I really don't want to have to keep going back and forth to the store over these phones that don't work.

I haven't been creating in days--don't have the time. I'm usually in a hospital or at my job.

But I do want to wish all my loyal readers and friends a very Merry Christmas. Yes, this year, as with all the other holidays this past year, I will be hanging out in a hospital on Christmas.

It's sad.

The doctors were going to move a guy into the room my mother has. He died unexpectedly and sent the whole ER staff into chaos last night. I did pray for him and his family. Him dying boosted my mother's priority up and she got her bed fast which is rare at Grady.


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