Thursday, December 9, 2010

Check out ma BLING! Herkimer Diamond in Copper

I was going to list it but at the last moment I couldn't. The stone was a gift to me--he told me to use it how ever I wished. I was going to sell it to benefit Art4TH and The Homeless Project, but i am too attached. Right now is not the time for me to part with it.

IT is a Herkimer Diamond. Herkimer Diamonds are double terminated quartz crystals that are a little bit different than regular quartz. Herkimer Diamonds have the appearance of hand cut diamonds even though they are naturally occurring.

Herkimer diamonds are found in dolomite rock, a layer of limestone that was created millions of years ago when New York State was the floor of a shallow ocean. Many layers of sedimentary rock covered the region. During the Ice Age, glaciers pushed through the region. As the vast sheets of ice began to melt, water washed away some of the rock and exposed the dolomite rock that contains Herkimer diamonds.

A typical Herkimer has 18 facets which gives it the appearance of a diamond.
Herkimer Diamond is a very high energy crystal that holds a significant amount of energy and can hold structures in place. These gems provide a sacred geometric structural attunement that has the ability to re-align other structures that aren't so perfect. For that reason, Herkimer is a compliment to just about any healing practice, to the pursuit of personal goals and to any meditation. It locks energy patterns into perfect geometric harmony.

So if you are trying to regulate some imbalance in your body, or are just trying to sort out life in general, Herkimer is able to hold the energy for you as a support tool. They are also used to enhance the vision and clarity of dreams. A Herkimer Diamond has such perky energy, it is often use to provide cheerfulness to gloomy people and to deflect negative energy from people who are weak willed.


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