Monday, July 19, 2010

Mom's back in the hospital

Yesterday, as I was just waking up and about to get ready for work, Mom couldn't breathe. Her inhaler didn't work either. Her face was grey so I called 911. We were rushed to the hospital with sirens screaming flying through redlights--I was in the front seat of the ambulance.

I noticed this about the medics--one in the back and one driving--the driver always tries to get your mind off of the situation by starting conversations with you--which is good.

Anyway in the ER they gave her a bimap/bymap (not sure how to spell it) treatment. Imagine you are in the passenger seat of a car, window rolled all the way down and yall are going 100 miles an hour and your head is out the window. Now imaging all that air and the pressure being sealed into your nose and mouth and the only way it has to go is into your lungs. That's what they did to my mother. And she went from grey to normal in 10 minutes.

But here's the thing: so far, the docs don't know what's going on. It's not her heart--she had several tests to prove that and we are just awaiting one more test--her cardio sonogram.

As you know, I didn't work yesterday. I am covering my coworker tonight and opening the store tomorrow so I won't get to see her until I get off tomorrow. And I won't be online much or able to hang out in the Etsy forums helping other people via twitter and just making friends.

I did some jewelry while in the ER so in a few days I will have the pics up and them on sale...but right now I have to focus on my job and mother.


yeevon said...

Sorry to hear that =(
Good luck and I hope she will get well very very soon!
All the best to you.

Holly Embry said...

I'm sending lots of well-wishes to you and your family, hoping your Mama feels better soon!

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